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Move the WordPress page links to the header

The default theme for WordPress places the links to pages in the sidebar. Moving them to the header is relatively easy to do if you’re comfortable making minor changes to the code. The first thing is to find the path … Continue reading

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Move the WordPress search box to the header

There is an updated version of this article for WordPress 3, see Move the search box to the header – WordPress 3 revision The default theme in WordPress places the search box in the sidebar. Moving it to the header … Continue reading

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FrontPage glitches floor Firefox

In my spare time I like to think of myself as a cyclist, and as a cyclist my thing is riding cyclosportives which are similar if not the same as century rides in the USA. One of the popular rides … Continue reading

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Style columns in tables with CSS

How do you style columns in HTML tables without resorting to styling the individual cells? There doesn’t seem to be an easy answer to this question that will work with most browsers. The method shown here works fine for my … Continue reading

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