What have you got running?

Outside of work hours while engaged on personal projects I tend to keep things running in a certain order and only feel comfortable if programs lined up in the same order each time in the taskbar (this is on a Windows machine, I guess this varies with Macs or Linux), so Eclipse would be first then Explorer then FireFox, IE, maybe Visual Paradigm, MySQl query browser, Photoshop, Word Excel Google Docs, UltraEdit (to keep some files out of Eclipse I open them with a separate editor). Then coming home from work I can pick up the threads and feel in control without having to spend loads of time getting in the groove again. Is this sort of behaviour common, is it more common with programmers? My wife is an academic and she has piles upon piles of folders on her desk filled with papers, yet she knows exactly where to find stuff, personally that would drive me absolutely bonkers as I would never find anything. I know what I am doing is slightly odd, so in Eclipse I always have the CSS file in the first tab, then the file I am working on, then maybe include files and so on.

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