Fuzzy Images with WordPress

Uploaded Images ‘Blurry’ with WordPress

Being new to WordPress I have been using the standard image upload facilities.  After upgrading to WordPress version 2.7 the Flash uploader stopped working so I resorted to using the browser based version. This was annoying but not annoying enough to make me do something about it. Then I noticed that images which were fine when captured looked fuzzy when viewing the published article, specially when using Internet Explorer.

So what was going on? Well, for one selecting anything other than full size meant the images were being re-sized by the uploader and that reduced the image quality, you notice the difference in quality compared to re-sizing the images yourself in Photoshop.

The other thing is that if you select to insert the image at full-size then it will be uploaded at whatever size it is; if that is too wide then the browser will helpfully scale the image to fit within the column. This creates a passable image in FireFox but a pretty blurred image in Internet Explorer.

As an example, the image below has been scaled to fit, in FireFox you can still more or less read the text in the image, in Internet Explorer the image is pretty much unreadable


Right-clicking on the image in FireFox and selecting properties opens the image properties dialog which will show in the Image Dimensions line (highlighted in the image below) that the image has been re-sized

Firefox image properties

The answer for me was to revert to sizing the images using Photoshop then uploading the images via FTP to the same location as the uploader. Then there is a choice of selecting the image from a URL using the WordPress uploader or just typing in the URL directly to the post. Personally my chosen route is now to do the all the HTML myself, gives me a feeling of being back in control.

The other issue is the number of different images the uploader creates in the WordPress /uploads directory, it seems to create three images at least for every image that is uploaded, hand-rolling the process means you have one image per image in the post and you have control over the process. If you're like me and you keep altering and uploading the image repeatedly then WordPress creates a whole lot of images which become difficult to control and take up loads of space.

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